How to integrate your instagram pictures with php

Ever looked for a straightforward way to integrate you instagram pictures on your website? Without a plugin nor an iframe? Well this article featured on the NOE interactive's blog presents how you can do so with PHP.

It's a neat and simple solution that uses the instagram's API to get a particular users' latest pictures, and then display them in a ul list.

It is accessible to most developers as it is a "personalize, copy and paste" kind of solution. Just two steps are required, configuration, and implementation.

In this article featured on NOE interactive, you'll learn how you can install the solution on your website. There's a complete step by step guide as well as a demonstration. If you wish to download the solution, it's also hosted on Github.

Thank You for Downloading

I'm glad that you found my work useful. If you did, it might help some other people too. So why not helping me spread the word with a tweet? You could also buy me a coffee to thank me for my code and explanations if you prefer ;).
I hope you'll enjoy your download. Regards. Jeremy.

This is a post I wrote for NOE interactive.

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12 Responses to How to integrate your instagram pictures with php

  1. This is a nice plugin to integrate Instagram on your webpages.

  2. Thanks a lot bro.

  3. WOW...and i didnt think that was possible...Great share mate :) Thanks for it

    • nice post admin i like this post because this post amazing helpful for me thank you.

  4. Hey thanks! I wanted to integrate insta api on my personal website. And your integration is very nice. But it limited upto 20 post only. What if I want more post to display?

  5. Hi admin great work at your web. thanks for this favor, time and love. keep it up.

  6. hi, nice pictures i like the way of your description.. i am glad that i am on your site thanks for sharing.. thanks a lot

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  8. Nice sharing, can you help me how to show widget of Instagram profile at my website?

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