Les Menuires

Les Menuires


Les menuires is an important ski resort located in the French Alpes. They had a previous site that they wanted to redesign and modernize.

Compared to what we usually deal with, this was a very big site, whith lots of content and a lot of trafic too, which for us meant a particular work needed to be done to organise and present all of this into an enjoyable experience for the users. © NOE interactive

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Helping the user organising his trip

Which means giving easy access to key informations such as the resort map, ski passes, weather forecast and acommodations, so they have everything at hand to plan the perfect stay.

Getting a feel of the station

We wanted the user to have a better picture of what their trip to the station could look like. Immerse them in this beautiful environemnt and show them what's really around.

Addressing a huge audience

The station has a multi lingual clientele, coming from many different countries. It remains opened in the summer but trafic is a lot more important in the winter.

Helping the user organising his trip

Weather Forecast

"What's the weather going to be like?" Very important piece of information for the users that are on site, or the ones that plan a short trip for their next week end, the 4 days ahead weather forecast is very visual and animated with CSS transitions. You have an immediate vision of the current weather and temperature, integrated from a feed, and illustrated by a changing background image.

Slopes Map

"What does the domain look like?" The site answers in different ways. First you can download different maps, the Les menuires slopes map, the 3 vallées one, or the beginners one. You can consult them on your smartphone app. In the slopes section, you can see which ones are opened or closed live from a skiplan XML export.


"Weather looks fine, slopes look interesting, how much is it going to cost me?" The client can present its different ski passes for sales thanks to a custom made administration module. The passes are displayed on a nicely laid out grid, and slighlty animated with CSS transitions to reveal extra information.

Tourism Information

"Where am I going to stay and what am I going to do after my snow session?" The website is fully integrated with the third party touristic database SITRA. Touristic information are pulled into the website every night and presented on the site in a mansonry grid. There's also an interactive map to get a different perspective on the station's touristic offering.

Helping the user getting a feel of the station

To do so, we put a lot of efforts into the site content, especially putting together the visuals and the editorial content in a rich way. It let's you see what a stay at the Menuires could look like from the inside.


We had the chance to get given a set of really stunning visuals from our client. The kind of visuals that immerse you in the environement and let your imagination wander. We tried to give them justice by showcasing them in big sliders so you can see yourself in the slopes, in the hotels, or in the restaurants.

Rich Content

We paid particular attention to the content organisation. We had a lot of information to digest first, then we chose the most appropriate way to display it. To ensure the client would later be able to administer his site easily, we created a set of default styles that could be reapplied in the back office.

Social Wall

This is the social hub of the web site, fetching content based on the #lesmenuires hash tag from the different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. The custom made plugin makes API calls to the different services on regular basis, then the posts are displayed on a masonry grid with infinite scroll.


With the webcams page, you could literally see the station's situation in real time. It is a fully administrable page where the client can add as many cameras as he wants. The webcams positions are geolocalised on a custom made google maps, and open in a fancybox on click.

Addressing a huge audience

Server Load

With an average day rangin from 15000 to 30000 visits, this is one of the most exposed website I've worked on. To ensure load times are reasonable, time consuming tasks such as pulling live weather or slopes information are part of a vast caching mechanism.

Multi language

Analytics shows us that people come to visit the site from absolutely everywhere in the world, even though the most visiting countires are Europe based. Thanks to noewp, the site is translated in 9 languages to help everyone feel at home during his visit.

Custom CDN

Using CDNs and serving assets from cookie less domains are well known web performance googd practices. This was the first time I worked with a CDN for a client site, where every static asset is stored, be it images, style sheets, JavaScript files and so on. It posed some particular issues to be fully integrated with WordPress, but it works now.


During the summer, the station is opened too. The content is adapted to reflect the station's summer personnality. Summer is a great season to discover the station too, with many tourism information, such as activities or accommodation pulled from SITRA automatically

Responsive Design

Every user coming to visit the website, uses at least one device, maybe two or three. It was vital to launch this new site with an efficient responsive design strategy in order to make the content the more device agnostic as possible.

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