My Happy Place

My Happy Place


Vanuatu has been voted happiest place on earth in 2011, that's why the Vanuatu Tourism office decided to launch a social campaign to spread the word, and share this happiness around. The idea starts with a very simple question asked to the user: What is your happy place like? And everyone can reply.

The main aim of the campaign is to get people to discover the Island, get a feeling of how wonderful it is to be there, and let them share the word around. This was my first social campaign and here are some thoughts about how it went through. © Circul8

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An Immersive Experience

This a social campain which aims to promote a touristic destination, it therefore has to make people dream and talk about it.

Social Media Integration

A social campaign is only successful if it is effectively shared on social medias. Social sharing must therefore be really easy for the users.


A campaign brings a high traffic in a rather short period. Analytics insights will permit to analyse its intensity and sources.

A very visual interface

Key points encountered when building the website interface.

  • vanuatu-bg

    We didn't have the background-size:cover property at the thime so the full page background is rendered by a JS plugin called supersized

  • vanuatu_win

    This is a particularly design heavy site. Buttons have graphics, you have elements overflowing from the main content area. I'd advise to have a plan of action before strating the code in order to avoid being stuck on one part. Also be careful about performances with all those images.

  • vanuatu-videos

    There are a few videos on the site, that all use the Vimeo JavaScript API. The api is used to start and stop videos at certain times as the user navigates. It is also used to redirect to another page when the video is finished.

  • vanuatu_describe

    At the time, there weren't modern JavaScript frameworks like backbone or react... In order to have a full ajax website, I used the hashChange plugin, and trigger different page loads when the hash in the url changes. This also gives the impression of a state full site.

Setting up and measuring a campaign


Before the campaign starts, spend some time to set things up right.

Set up google analytics

Setting up a google analytics campaign will allow you to track and isolate in your analytics statistics, the trafic that is generated by your social campaign.
Google analytics tracks down so many parameters for you by default, but if you are looking for custom analytics, I suggest to send some extra events of your own too. For example in my case, I've added tracking regarding the submission of the competition form.

Implement share buttons

Sharing the campaign must be easy and fast. You can add default share buttons provided by the default social medias, but be careful, those buttons tend to be a load time bottleneck so I try to defer their initialisation when possible.

Prepare a competition

In this example, a competition has been opened to win a holiday for two in Vanuatu, which is a great incentive to get people to participate. In order to get the maximum of people in the draw, the entering process must be easy to do. Sharing is encouraged to get extra points, which adds some virality to the campaign as well.

A dedicated phone number

This is another analytics trick when running an event. Try to set up a dedicated email or phone number to measure how many calls and emails you get from it


Now that the campaign is live, let's see how it performs

Google Analytics

The obvious statement. In Google analytics you'll have precious insights about your site traffic. They are divided into four sections at the time: Audience (= data about people visiting your site), Acquisition (= how they got there), Behaviour (= what are they doing?), Conversions (= are my goals attained?) It event has a live section now for up the the second insights.


If you have set up an analytics campaign, you'll know by now how it performed by visiting its report in the Acquisition section. The interesting thing is that you'll be able to see which portion of the site traffic comes from campaign related sources.


Social medias can now give you some more details about your social connectivity. What can be interesting to consider are values like how many people liked your site or page via the campaign, how many persons are talking about your brand and so on.

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