Having worked for several agencies in three different countries over the past 7 years, I've had the chance to work on a multitude of projects, each of them having their unique challenge and complexity. Here's a very small list of websites that I think are worth presenting because they illustrate rather well the answers I am able to provide to such challenges, and they also give me the opportunity to share they reflexion I conduct when coding.

Case Studies

Side Projects

ambiGhue illustration

I'm quite interested by the connected house concept, and got even more excited when I found out my philips hue lights had an API that could allow me to code my own house. I've made this ambilight application for fun, and took advantage of it to learn react.js.

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La Boucle illustration

As a regular customer of this local cantine, I found the ordering process not really efficient, so I propose them to code a mobile app to make it easier. I used this side project to learn angular.js

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Wedding Elodie and Jeremy illustration

For the organisation of our Wedding, I wanted to introduce my guests to my passion for the web by making a website that would present our special day, allow them to send their response, and to view pictures of the wedding after it took place.

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