Web Watch

I've coded a little script that reads the tweets I post, and if it contains a link and a hashtag, it saves it there. That's a way for me to keep interesting links
when I post quality tweets.
Such a nice read, the cartoon helps the understanding a lot: A cartoon guide to #Flux — Medium http://t.co/JjYngM4rjH
05 Oct / 15:50
Precise but not too overwhelming. Interesting read: 12 Rules for Professional #JavaScript in 2015 — Medium http://t.co/0llLyY6RFN
02 Oct / 15:50
I recently starter to learn #React so I thought it could be helpful to blog about our first encounter: http://t.co/bVUVGpO5hn Thoughts?
29 Jul / 15:50
RT @grigs: P1: How much does an app cost? P2: How much does a car cost? P1: What type of car? P2: Exactly.28 Apr / 15:04