Web Watch

I've coded a little script that reads the tweets I post, and if it contains a link and a hashtag, it saves it there. That's a way for me to keep interesting links
when I post quality tweets.
Giving this Natural Language Form a go to see if it improves #UX compared to a "scary" 5 dynamic selects form. http://t.co/4J8ndhJPRC
08 Jul / 10:40
document.querySelectorAll looks very interesting! Is it time to drop jQuery? Essentials to learning #JavaScript http://t.co/diuqSf6nVv
26 Jun / 14:23
I really am a huge fan of commit strips. As a developer I always find it spot on! Check it out -> http://t.co/H9260Qg3Zg #humor #comic
17 May / 09:03
@Cabaroc Pour ceux que le sujet intéresse, cette marque et cette page sont cités en exemple dans cet article intére… https://t.co/9XxN7wQSUr28 May / 11:05