My name is Jeremy
and I’m a Technical Director

I coordinate & empower
tech teams

Through a benevolent management style, I like to spend recurrent quality time with my team. I make sure everyone understands where the collective needs to go to reach objectives, and how anyone can contribute with a special role beyond its day to day missions. That way, and with the help of tools and processes, we can all push in the same direction while gaining new skills at the same time.

Coordination illustration : minimalist circles linked with dashed lines

I love to
improve web production

I like to analyse how we work as a team, and then try to eliminate friction points, or unnecessary cognitive load on people.
As a consequence, I developed a big interest in industrialisation, automation techniques, and processes, especially since I became a lead dev several years ago.
In other words, I would say I love when my work allows the team to focus essentially on added value in front of a given problem instead of losing time on parts that should be taken for granted on the long run.

Web Production illustration : minimalist triangles pointing in the same direction

I help making
technical architecture choices

The technical web landscapes evolves at high speed, with new tools, frameworks, ways of apprehending cases emerging every month. I’ve learned to pay attention to those movements, while being vigilant to not fall for the latest hype driven technique, in order to make pragmatic decisions that would fill the most project requirements.

Architecture illustration : minimalist squares linked with dashed lines

I like to imagine
digital strategies

I’ve had the chance to work for some major agencies in London, Sydney, Lyon and Montpellier and through them to study many cases for many clients. This work that I love allowed me to build up a strong experience in digital strategies and every time a new project comes up, you can be sure I’d be glad to help with all of it, as well as my enthusiasm, sens of analysis, and creativity.

Strategy Illustration : minimalist devices arrangement circled by dashed line

I’m a passionate
Full Stack Dev too

Passion, at first just a spark, then a blaze, now a fire. I have the chance to have made my hobby a full time job. I love the web, I’m always eager to learn new techniques, exchange with fellow developers to get better thanks to them. I started by modifying HTML code in an existing website, then learned new languages like CSS, PHP and JavaScript. I hungrily carried on with tools and techniques, concepts such as devOps, security, accessibility, SEO, industrialisation and many more as you could see on my about page. One day you’ll find me doing backend code on a project, the other some Barba + GSAP animations on another one, some day you’ll bump into me at a meetup or a conference, maybe you’ll read one of my blog post or tweet. Whatever the circumstance, I’m sure that would not be very far from the web.

Stack Illustration : 4 minimalist rectangles piled isometrically, last one made of dashes