My name is Jeremy Desvaux de Marigny, I’m a web technical director. I have over 15 years of commercial experience working in the web industry and I currently lead the production team at Wonderful.


Management and Team Lead

Backed by a solid managerial experience in 3 different countries, I can help you lead technical teams through complex software projects.

  • Expert
    • Engineering lead
    • Code Reviews
    • Tasks breakdown
    • Time estimations
    • Processes
  • Proficient
    • Team management 
    • Solution review / Audit 
    • Proposal study 
    • Technical Recruitment 
    • Technical Strategy
    • Architecture

Backend Development

Building strong foundations for a stable and fast website.

  • Expert
    • Handmade php solutions 
    • MYSQL databases 
    • API building 
    • WordPress themes and plugins
    • Creator of the WonderWp framework
    • Composer & Satis
  • Intermediate
    • Performances Optimisations
    • Symfony
    • Unit Tests
    • Open Source contribution

Frontend Development

Mastering JavaScript development to take modern interfaces to richer levels.

  • Expert
    • ES6
    • jQuery 
    • Interactive Maps
    • PewJs
  • Proficient
    • GSAP
    • Barba.js
    • Cypress Tests
    • Full Ajax Websites 
    • Optimisations
  • Intermediate
    • React.js
    • Gutenberg
    • Angular.js 
    • BackBone.js 
    • Phone Gap 
    • Ionic
    • WebPack, Gulp


Conducting a design in its journey to come to life in a browser.

  • Expert
    • CSS3
    • LESS & SASS 
    • Responsive design 
    • HTML5 and its APIs 
    • Cross Browser 
    • Progressive Enhancement
  • Proficient
    • Atomic Design
    • Styleguides
    • Design Handoff
    • DevTools

And More

Because a great web project is not just about coding

  • Expert
    • Git & GitFlow
    • Customer Support
  • Proficient
    • SEO 
    • Training
  • Intermediate
    • Accessibility 
    • DevOps
    • CI
    • Jenkins Blue Ocean
    • Bash scripting
    • Google Analytics 


Web Production Lead

↳ Wonderful (Montpellier, France)

I joined Wonderful in 2016 in an effort to structure, staff and industrialize their web production team.
It’s been an incredible journey to start this project from scratch and lead it to help Wonderful become a renowned agency for its creativity and technical quality.

May 2016 – Present

Lead Web Developer

↳ Noe Interactive (Lyon, France)

As the lead developer I’m responsible for the production pole, which regroups 5 developers, and accounts for 50% of the agency’s staff. I plan the production strategy, and direct the development of my company’s main product called noewp, that is a web development acceleration platform that I imagined and coded, and with which we build all of the website we produce.

In terms of development I operate as a senior full stack developer intervening at any stage of a projects, sometimes even before the production starts, in order to give insights to the management about time estimations and technical feasibility. Depending on the project I’ll focus either more on the backend architecture, or on the rich JavaScript interface. I check that NOE’s coding standards are respected and that we produce high quality websites for our clients.

Decembre 2010 – April 2016

Web Developer

↳ Circul8 (Sydney, Australia)

Circul8 is a creative agency with a real love for social media. I worked for them as part of their web development team on various projects ranging from WordPress sites, social media campaigns, Facebook applications and custom developments.

Septembre – Octobre 2010

Web Developer

↳ Inspire (London, United Kingdom)

I developed for inspire more than 20 full websites and customized PHP solutions from scratch for both companies or customers. I’ve had the chance to work on a quite big social network website.

February 2008 – August 2010


  • A
    • AIPALS
    • Ametra
  • C
    • Cap d’agde Méditerrannée
    • Compagnie Nationale du Rhône
    • Circul8 Agency
  • E
    • EnSanté
  • F
    • France Blindness Federation
    • French Environment Ministry
  • L
    • Les Menuires station
  • M
    • Montpellier Métropole
  • N
    • NOE Interactive
    • Naval Energies
  • O
    • Occitanie Region
  • P
    • Pink Lady
  • S
    • Seaquarium of Grau du roi
  • T
    • TAM Montpellier
    • Technilum
  • V
    • Vinci Autoroute
    • Vanuatu Tourism Office