Getting started with Jenkins Blue Ocean Pipelines

The first thing that struck me when dipping a toe into Continuous Integration is the barrier of entry that I feel is quite high. I’ve had some hard time finding information about how to to properly get on with the subject, get a grasp of the tools and the code needed. I can say it properly kicked me out of my comfort zone, especially as I was not surrounded by people who had done it before from whom I could have learned more easily. Special thanks to James Dumay for his time [...] Continue reading

Handling private php repositories with Composer & Satis

Getting started

As an organisation producing a handful of quality handmade sites per year, we quickly felt the need to capitalize on some core functionalities. Even though some of them were public or open sourced, such as our wonderwp framework for example or the pew.js library, some others required to be kept private.

Composer is at the heart of our build processes, we use it to easily manage our dependencies so we wanted our p[...] Continue reading