Green IT course learning material

In January 2023, I had the opportunity to teach a green IT course at the Sup de Web school in Montpellier.

It’s a course split over 3 sessions of 3 hours.

I’ve had the chance to meet motivated young talents interested in the subject.

Here are the slides constituting the learning material.

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FSE learning curve for PHP developers

At the end of December 2022, and following the conference I gave at WordCamp Lyon regarding the Full Site Editing learning curve, I had the opportunity to present a spinoff at this AFUP Montpellier meetup.

The slides are derived from the WordCamp one, but adapted to a PHP audience not necessarily fluent with WordPress. Here are the slides that supported the presentation.

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WordCamp Lyon 2022 recap


I have been fortunate enough to get selected to be a speaker at WordCamp Lyon on October 28th. It was my first WordCamp, here’s a recap of this day.

Being selected as a speaker

It all started with a tweet from the organizers @wplyon stating the call for speakers would close in two days, with the application link.

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Presenting modern development practices at AFUP

In November 2017, the AFUP Montpellier group organized a CMS meetup with three talks: one about EZ publish, one about Drupal, and one about WordPress.

I had the opportunity to give the WordPress talk, and presented modern development practices opportunities.

Here are the slides that supported the presentation.

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