How to automatically create Gutenberg blocks from php classes


At Wonderful, Most of the components we use to render elements on a page are php based. We’ve accumulated and consolidated them over the years, and they’re now coupled with many of our administration plugins.

Before the advent of Gutenberg, those components were most of the time hydrated by shortcode values. Shortcodes are mastered by our developers, which means that for them they are easy to declare, qu[...] Continue reading

How we made a php production team adopt Gutenberg

Reaching the limit of wysiwyg

I’ve started working with WordPress in 2009, and it followed me quite closely throughout the last 11 years. During the first 8 or 9 of them, be it me, my colleagues, or most of the community working with this CMS, we did so in PHP. Altogether, we were part of this huge ecosystem made of WordPress profesionnals that built themes and plugins for it, and mostly all of that written in PHP.

Then Gu[...] Continue reading